Monday, October 15, 2012

Recent Magazine illustrations

Over the summer I worked on a few illustrations for a couple of magazines that are currently on newsstands. The first one above was for Boca Raton Magazine and was for a story about the upcoming Presidential debate that will be held at Lynn University in Boca Raton.

The University loved this illustration and asked to use it on the main poster that will be put up all along the campus and handed out to attendees of the debate.  

I had a lot of fun doing the second illustration for the article peppering notables like Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart and others throughout.

The next set of illustrations I did for an article in Salt Lake Magazine about Twi-hard moms and the obsession with teen literature. 

The Hunger Games vs Twilight illustration was particularly fun to do. Poor Edward, not much he can do but bite stuff. ;-)

Both issues are on newsstands in Utah and Florida through the end of the month. You can read the Twi-hard Moms article here and the Presidential debate article here

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