Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy 30th "The Empire Strikes Back"

The original Star Wars movies had quite the influence on me growing up. Of the first 3, "The Empire Strikes Back" has always been my favorite — in fact, I can consider it my second favorite film of all time ("Raiders of the Lost Ark" is my #1). I really wish I still had the crayon drawing of Luke fighting Vader in Cloud City that I drew when I was four. I'm sure it's at my parents house somewhere...
Anyway — for "Empire's" 30th anniversary, I decided to do some Empire themed sketches and give them away on Twitter (@hefnatron). I gave away the black and white ones over the last couple of days but the one below is still up for grabs (contest ends May 23). For info on how win it, click on over to

I had a lot of fun doing the sketches as Star Wars is such a rich subject to explore. I hope to find the time in the future to do many more.