Friday, September 09, 2011

The Fourth Doctor

I have to admit, I'm totally not up to snuff when it comes to Doctor Who. I've really been meaning to catch up on the new series, but have only seen a couple of episodes here and there. If anyone would like to give me the DVD's for Christmas, I certainly wouldn't turn it down. ;-)

But as a kid I vividly remember watching Tom Baker as Doctor Who on PBS. I remember being attracted to it's weirdness — it was unlike any other show I watched at the time. I was  mostly fascinated with the robot dog K-9 and the odd facial expressions Baker could make. I especially remember watching a Doctor Who episode (and playing with my Darth Vader figure) when I lost my first tooth in a motel while on vacation.

So with that, here is my tribute piece to the fourth Doctor and K-9.

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