Thursday, June 11, 2009

Munny's that rock and swim

I made these a while back, but I keep forgetting to do a blog post about them (even though they've been on my website gallery for a while). These are custom Mini Munnys I made for my niece and nephew for Christmas. I forgot to take pictures of them so Braden, my nephew, was kind enough to take pictures for me.

The first one is of Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl. Braden and I are both big fans (I took him to his first Foo Fighter's concert) and thought Dave would make an awesome Munny.

The next one I did for my niece, Katie, was of Michael Phelps with a gold medal and Rosetta Stone to help him learn Chinese. Yeah, go ahead and make your stupid pot smoking jokes -- I still think he's cool. I did this before all of that happened though.


kellylr4ever said...

Are you selling these? I am a big Phelps fan and i am interested in buying the Michael Phelps one. Thanks.

steve2052 said...

is the Dave Grohl one for sale? I'd be interested in buying it if it is?